NEW: UNODC’s Data portal now also available as country profile

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UNODC’ data portal, dataUNODC has just introduced a new feature which allows users to find all its data on drugs and crime grouped under a country’s profile.

The Country Profile pages have been developed by the UNODC Research team, as there was a great demand for it. Users can now access country specific data on drug use and treatment, violent crime, homicide, prisons, trafficking in person or criminal justice.

New features on the website also allow users to put some of the data, such as the data on drug demand, in relation to global estimations. This way figures from a specific country can be compared with the global situation.

The country representation of data is following the general launch of the UNODC dataUNODC in May 2020, a unique tool containing loads of interesting data on drugs and crime.

Its user-friendly interface also enables users to visualize and download all statistical information produced by UNODC, which help with capturing trends and patterns of their field of interest.

Information on dataUNODC are continuously being updated in order provide timely a snapshot on the crime and drug landscape in the selected country.

The UNODC Data Portal, including now the data from the Country Profile is a reliable source for anyone looking for credible information on drugs and crime.

UNODC hopes that researchers, scientists, journalists, decision makers, and students will find the portal, now enhanced with the country specific data search, especially useful in their daily work.


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