Meeting of the Task Force on Corruption Measurement

Task Force on Corruption includes experts from national and international organizations active in the field of corruption measurement both in developed and developing countries.  The work of the Task Force  is in accordance with the framework  of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda,  particularly target 16.5 "Substantially reducing corruption and bribery in all their forms" . The Task force contributes towards the work of developing  reliable and comprehensive measures of corruption which is highlighted in 1)The Road Map to improve the Quality and Availability of Crime Statistics (E/CN.3/2013/11) and 2) Report of the Inter-Agency and Expert Group on Sustainable Development  Goals Indicator (E/CN.3/2016/2Rev.1).

The objectives of the meeting were:

  1. Review the Corruption Measurement Manual Outline
  2. Identify the main contents and messages of the manual.

Co-Organizers and hosts


List of Participants 

Venue: Vienna (Austria), 14-16 November 2016


 Lessons learned from experiences to measure corruption at International level: SHaSA*, World Bank

 Lessons learned from experiences to measure corruption at national level:  Indonesia,  Italy,   Mexico


*SHaSA -Strategic Harmonization of Statistics in Africa