Partnerships and Funding


Contributions in 2017

Pledges for voluntary contributions in 2018 amounted to US$ 361.9 million.

The distribution of the funding was as follows:


Thanks to voluntary contributions, UNODC operates in 73 countries through 17 Field Offices and 56 Programme/Project offices with the majority of its staff based in the field.

UNODC works directly with Governments, international organizations, other UN entities, private sector and civil society groups to develop and implement integrated programmes that assist the countries and regions we work in to meet their international obligations under the drug control treaties; the UN convention on Transnational Organized Crime; and the UN Convention against Corruption; as well as the international instruments on terrorism prevention. As a result, most of these have reached near universal adherence.


Investing in tangible results

Results of voluntary contributions and the integrated programmatic approach of UNODC are providing substantive support for achieving different SDGs, as UNODC is the custodian of 15 SDG indicators on its own or jointly with other agencies.

The Organization is specifically focussing on the SDGs in close relation to its work, such as SDG 16, with its targets of promoting the rule of law through addressing transnational threats such as organized crime, trafficking, terrorism and corruption; SDG 3 with its emphasis on combatting drug use, dependence and related HIV; SDG 15 on wildlife crime, as well as SDG 11 on safer cities. Some concrete examples of UNODC support:



List of pledges

for the period 01 January to 31 December 2018

LIST OF PLEDGES | for the period 01 January to 31 December 2018 (PDF)