Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals are one of the key focal points of the Joint Global Programme and one of the direct beneficiaries. They are crucially important to improve the accessibility to and availability of controlled drugs, in a safe and medically supervised setting.

Sometimes healthcare professionals have insufficient knowledge and less access to training concerning the use of opioid substances. INCB has identified this as one of the major impediments that potentially limit the accessibility and availability of controlled substances. In order to help medical doctors and healthcare professionals the Joint Global Programme engages experts to conduct training and provide technical assistance to healthcare professionals in such areas as pain management and palliative care.

Relevant information for Healthcare Professionals regarding:

Additional useful information for healthcare providers to understand include the following:

Additional information and guidelines can be found in the following documents: WHO document: "Ensuring Balance in National Policies on Controlled substances", UNODC Discussion Paper and INCB 2015 Report .