UNODC and European drug agency agree on work programme to strengthen action against illicit drugs

EMCDDA Director Wolfgang Götz (left) shakes hands with UNODC Deputy Executive Director Sandeep Chawla at the signing ceremony in Vienna3 May 2012 - UNODC and the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) have agreed on a joint work programme for the period 2012-2014 to strengthen their ongoing international efforts to address illicit drugs and crime.

The new work programme continues the regular collaboration between UNODC and EMCDDA, with mutually agreed priority areas for cooperation that will be addressed within a specified time frame.

Under the work programme, the two organizations will identify and promote harmonized standards for data collection and analysis, including the development of new methodologies, guidelines and quality assurance procedures; identify new trends and build common understanding of recent developments in the drug phenomenon at the global and European levels; as well as pursue activities in the field of drug demand reduction.

The two organizations will continue to collaborate and exchange information in the area of supply (such as drug seizures, prices and drug-related crimes) and to exchange information on new drugs and new trends, including new drug combinations and consumption patterns. Where possible, UNODC and EMCDDA will share information and seek synergy in developing drug information systems in countries of mutual interest.

The collaboration between UNODC and EMCDDA began in 1998, with the signing of a memorandum of understanding to promote cooperation and maximize the efforts of the two organizations to strengthen European and international action against illicit drugs. The cooperation between the two organizations has substantially facilitated global processes to review and revise tools for the collection and reporting of data, as well as to advocate for improved mechanisms to monitor the drug situation in the region and globally.

Established in 1993, EMCDDA is one of the decentralized agencies of the European Union. It provides European Union member States with information on drugs and drug use in Europe in order to support the formulation of drug policies and strategies. EMCDDA has also collaborated and partnered with regional and international organizations to exchange information and expertise, especially on harmonized tools and mechanisms for data collection and reporting on illicit drugs.