GLO.ACT meets with Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare to initiate discussions on human trafficking and migrant smuggling data development

Vientiane, Lao PDR - 17 September 2018 - Technical government officials from the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare met with staff of the Global Action against Trafficking in Persons and the Smuggling of Migrants ( GLO.ACT) on 12 September 2018, to exchange information and discuss methods of improving and developing mechanisms for the collection and sharing of data on Trafficking in Persons (TIP) and Smuggling of Migrants (SOM). 

Ms. Bouasy Thammasack, Deputy Director of Employment with the Promotion Division, Mr. Phouthavong Phoummasak, Director of Labour Market Information Division with the Skills, Development, and Employment Department, and Mr. Onevong Keobounnavong, Director of Children Assistance Division with the Department of Social Welfare, shared current Trafficking in Persons (TIP) and Smuggling of Migrants (SOM) data collection procedures in Lao PDR, and provided insight and feedback on the related GLO.ACT workplan initiatives.

Specifically, GLO.ACT aims to assist the government in developing and strengthening its national strategies and policies against human trafficking and migrant smuggling, with the specific objective of helping to standardize a national system of TIP and SOM data collection based on the existing mechanisms. This initiative coincides with the Lao Government's National Plan of Action 2017-2020, on the prevention of human trafficking through the continued development of the national database on human trafficking.

To assist in the implementation of this GLO.ACT objective, the project will conduct a 1-day TIP and SOM data consultation workshop to present, in brief, the government existing data system and explore the cooperation of data sharing for better TIP and SOM prevention activities.  Bringing together several government departments and development partners, the workshop will allow authorities in charge of the database to better understand the relation between TIP and SOM and how their data can be of use. The result of the workshop will pave the way for up-coming TIP and SOM data development activities under the project.

Standardizing and coordinating the collection of information on irregular migration, migrant smuggling, and victims of trafficking, is crucial to building an evidence-based picture of TIP and SOM throughout the country. In turn, policies and operational measures are better informed, enabling stronger immigration and border control policies, as well as more robust counter-smuggling and counter-trafficking procedures.

More information about GLO.ACT is available  here.

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Ms. Siliphaithoun Xayamoungkhoun

GLO.ACT National Project Officer




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