Are You Ready to Grow Your Super Skills?

November 20th, 2021

“Drug use prevention based on science is an effective investment in a healthy future. Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its disruptions to education and social interactions, the new phase of UNODC’s 'Listen First' initiative offers valuable support for children to develop skills which help them build resilience to drug use and empower them against adversity.” – Ms. Ghada Waly, Executive Director, UNODC.

In time for World Children's Day, UNODC proudly launches 'Listen First's latest initiative – 'Super Skills: The Science of Skills.' The new series focuses on social and emotional skill development as a foundation for drug use prevention in primary-age children by encouraging their well-being. Five fun, engaging videos, animated in 3D, show our Super Team's adventures in which they face common life challenges and use social and emotional skills for problem-solving.

"Helpful Handy," "Sensitive Smellup," "Likeable Listenup" and "Loyal Lookup" guide children on essential skills such as compassion, empathy, motivation, integrity, and respect, all of which are science-based and essential for healthy development. Each character has what some might consider a disability – a big nose, big ears, big eyes, big hands. However, as demonstrated in the kick-off video Being Special, the Super Team uses their Super Skills to help themselves, their friends, and their magical community in times of difficulty. As you can read below in their very own interview, they are 'super' excited to be joining forces with UNODC and 'Listen First'!

The project has been vetted and guided by international experts and will be distributed throughout the world by our international partners. The videos are accompanied by fact sheets and other engagement materials about skills development. The first video and science sheets are launched in time for World Children's Day, with four more videos being released in the coming months.

All 'Listen First' materials are available in English, Spanish, and French at Listen First. We welcome our partners and allies across the globe to join us in supporting science-based drug use prevention, effective investment in the well-being of young people.

Remember, listening to children and youth is the first step to helping them grow healthy and safe.

Made possible with the generous support of France.