Being Special

In this film, children tease our super team – Listenup, Smellup, Lookup, and Handy. But when a bolt of lightning and thunderstorm threatens Skilltown, our heroes put their super senses – and emotions to work – gently bringing all the terrified others to safety in the school. They teach and learn how our differences can be a huge help to ourselves and the community.


Helpful Handy – Her frailty and strength are her hands that grow enormously and help herself and others overcome physical or emotional obstacles.

Loyal Lookup – His big eyes give him the ability to see not only things far away – such as thunderstorms – but into the hearts of his friends.

Likable Listenup – Her big ears actually give her the ability to 'Listen First' and hear dangers and feelings from far away.

Sensitive Smellup – His big unique nose can smell anything – from smoke and fires far away to his friends' fears and what is healthy to eat back home.

and Featuring

Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, Self-Management, Embracing Differences, Helping Each Other, Believing in Your Own Skills and Demonstrating Skills to Others – and Real Children Worldwide.

Filmed in Skilltown 3D – the magical place where anything can happen and every young person can learn what really matters!

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Made possible with the generous support of France.