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What people are saying

Elizabeth Mattfeld
Global Programme Coordinator, UNODC

"'Listen First' gives us a chance to put science at the front of the conversation and engage people. It provides an understanding that substance use prevention is universal. It's for everyone."


Kristina Sperkova
President, Movendi International. Ambassador for Planet Youth. 

“Looking at 'The Science of Skills', this is precisely where we need to go. In schools, the educational system teaches us to memorize hard facts. But then we enter life, and we actually don't know how to treat each other.  If people really adopted those skills, society would look very different. So it's not only about preventing substance use or other risky behaviors. It's changing relations between people and creating a very different society.”


Dr Nora Volkow
Director National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institutes of Health (NIDA)

“The involvement of parents is crucial, but also the alertness that some children are at a higher risk. That is why ‘Listen First’ is so relevant because by listening to the child the parents can learn not only what they communicate but also how they communicate it. By listening, we can understand the problems and intervene early on.


Ms. Ghada Waly
Executive Director, UNODC

“Drug use prevention based on science is an effective investment in a healthy future. Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its disruptions to education and social interactions, the new phase of UNODC’s 'Listen First' initiative offers valuable support for children to develop skills which help them build resilience to drug use and empower them against adversity.” 


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