National efforts coalesce to follow-up on UNCAC implementation and reviews in North Macedonia

Skopje (North Macedonia) - 21 April 2022 - UNODC coordinated non-state actors, including civil society and the private sector at a recent workshop, to aid in the effective implementation of the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) in Southeast Europe. 

A two-day multi-stakeholder workshop in North Macedonia, organized by UNODC in partnership with the Macedonian Centre for International Cooperation gathered 30 participants from civil society, public authorities and private sector. The workshop sought to increase participants’ understanding of the UNCAC Implementation Review Mechanism and discuss the recommendations stemming from the first and second cycle reviews that the country has already completed. In particular, how civil society can support the implementation of those recommendations through common platforms for dialogue and cooperation

Speaking at the opening, Ms. Slavica Grkovska, Deputy President of the Government responsible for good governance policies said, "The prevention of corruption is a process where all entities should be actively involved, and jointly with the civil sector, we are building a systemic approach in creating and implementing anti-corruption policies".

Mr. Nikola Tupanceski, Minister of Justice of the Republic of North Macedonia, further added that “although there are seven institutions specialized in the fight against corruption, there is still serious work to be done in terms of achieving the goal”.  

In January 2022, the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia adopted a plan of activities for collecting and publishing updated data related to the implementations of the observations and to overcome the challenges identified under the second UNCAC review cycle, outlined in the full country report (2016-2024). One of the key objectives of this plan is to increase the transparency of the UNCAC self-assessment checklist, one of the stages in UNCAC implementation. Transparency efforts will be undertaken in cooperation with civil society to strengthen both the institutional and public awareness of the requirements set by the Convention.  North Macedonia CSOs such as the Centre for Civic Communications, the Platform of CSOs for the Fight against Corruption committed at the training to assist and request the government to uphold those commitments.

UNODC will continue strengthening the multi-stakeholder involvement in the UNCAC implementation in the region and with the next step a training on private sector integrity on 10-11 May in Tirana, Albania.


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