Discussion Meeting between General Prosecutor’s Offices of Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan

8-12 August 2021 

A meeting of delegations from the General Prosecutor's Offices of Uzbekistan and Saudi Arabia has been conducted in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, from 8 to 12 August 2021. CASC network provided assistance with the organization of this meeting with a view to furthering the bilateral cooperation between both countries.

Throughout the meeting, the parties discussed a wide range of subjects of mutual interest and exchanged views on the prospects of enhancing inter-agency cooperation. A particular focus was given to judicial cooperation and the conduct of joint investigations on specific transnational organized crime cases. Besides this, it was noted the importance of strengthening the sharing of operational information on TOC cases including data on fugitives.

At the end of the meeting, the officials agreed on a draft version of the inter-departmental agreement on judicial cooperation in combatting transnational organized crime. They also expressed readiness to further develop and conclude the said agreement.