Comments to the Comprehensive Study on Cybercrime

In its resolution 22/7 " Strengthening international cooperation to combat cybercrime", the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, inter alia, requested the Secretariat to translate the comprehensive study on cybercrime into all six official languages of the United Nations and to disseminate it in due time to Member States, for their comments, in order to assist the open-ended intergovernmental Expert Group in the performance of its mandate.

Below are the comments received from Member States, reproduced as received by the Secretariat.

Note Verbale CU 2016/50/DTA/OCB/CSS inviting contributions: English French Spanish
Follow-up Note Verbale CU 2016/133/DTA/OCB/CSS:  English French Spanish


Contributions received:

Algeria French


Japan English


Argentina  Spanish


Mexico Spanish


Australia English


Morocco French


Brazil  English


Paraguay  Spanish


Canada English


Russian Federation Russian


China English/Chinese


Saudia Arabia  Arabic


Colombia Spanish


Sudan English


Côte d'Ivoire French


Syria Arabic


Ecuador  Spanish


United Kingdom English


Finland  English


United States of America English


France French




Germany English


European Union  English