UNOV/UNODC project teams receive UN21 Awards

VIENNA, 23 February 2007 (UNODC) - United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and UNODC Executive Director Antonio Maria Costa today presented UN 21 Awards to two UNOV/UNODC project teams. Two more UNOV/UNODC teams have received UN 21 Commendations for 2006.

The UN 21 Awards were established by former Secretary-General Kofi Annan in 1996 to provide recognition to staff members for innovation, efficiency and excellence in the delivery of the Organization's programmes and services.

Over 60 projects, involving more than 450 staff members, were nominated for awards from across the global Secretariat. Seven evaluation teams and a high-level approving panel reviewed the submissions. Only 13 projects were ultimately selected as Award-winners, with 7 projects to receive Commendations.

UN 21 Awards:

John Irvin, of the Computer-Based Training Academy, in the category of "substantive programmes" and "individual productivity".

Victor Kisob, Alexei Tepaev, Tobias Schoessler, Iris Schaechter, Reinhold Strobl, Varghese Philip, Tony Westwell, Anne Gunning, Martha Helena Lopez, Raymond Moy and Matthew Sanidas, of the Integrity Awareness Initiative, in the category of "improvements in working environment/morale".


Sandro Calvani, Adriana Ruiz-Restrepo, Roberto Carlos Vidal, Mario Daniel Gómez and Diego Alvarez were honoured for their contribution to the success of the Combating Trafficking in Human Beings in Colombia project, in the category of "field-based projects".

Phillip Donald Kruss, Maurizio Gazzola, Alexey Neudachin, Yvonne Richard, Roy McCafferty, Maria Larrea-Cebrian, Sabine Lehner, Steffen Scheibler, Wjatscheslaw Kravtchenko, Nilima Agarwal, Markus Ecker, Farayi Nyamadzawo, Sari Guigand and Chand Kaushil, of the Programme and Financial Information Management System - ProFi, in the category of "process reengineering".