Japanese students support UNODC by raising money for drug control

VIENNA, 22 March (UNODC) - Japanese students renewed their support for the drug control efforts of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) by making a donation of around $170,000. Continuing a 13-year tradition, six young people presented the money to Acting Deputy Executive Director, Franz Baumann.

The "Young Civic Ambassadors" aged 14 to 17 represent the Tokyo-based Drug Abuse Prevention Center (DAPC), which has raised more than $4 million for UNODC.

"Effective drug control goes beyond States. It must involve civil society, especially young people, in the fight" said Mr. Baumann. "This is exactly the direction we want to go."

The DAPC has raised money to provide more than 400 grants to NGOs in some 90 developing countries. "Your money- equal to the contributions of some major donor countries - helps us to support other NGOs and create a multiplier effect," said Mr Baumann.