Statement on the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, 25-27 September 2015

Today, the world reached agreement on 17 Sustainable Development Goals that, when combined, contain the energy to transform billions of lives. Thanks to the UN, Member States, and civil society, we now have a unique opportunity to tackle poverty, health and development. But, barriers exist to the achievement of these targets, including drugs, crime, corruption and terrorism. Such threats erode social and economic development, and human rights, and flourish where the rule of law is weak and criminal justice ineffective. 

I welcome the fact that the Sustainable Development Goals recognize these destructive challenges and seek to correct their influence. The SDG goals tackle wildlife crime, human trafficking, drug abuse, HIV, violence against women, and call for the promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies, as well as access to justice and accountable institutions. UNODC, in its work, addresses issues such as combatting illicit financial flows, human trafficking, corruption and bribery, and substance abuse that impact on development.

I pledge, as UNODC Executive Director, that UNODC will work on behalf of the Sustainable Development Goals to tackle these problems, as well as promote health, justice and human rights. UNODC, in doing so, will continue to build and strengthen partnerships, both within and outside the UN system, to create just and fair societies.  

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David Dadge
Spokesperson, UNODC
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