6 February 1998

No U-Turn in UN Position on Swiss Heroin Experiment

VIENNA, 6 February (UN Information Service) -- With regard to recent articles in the press on the visit to Switzerland of UNDCP Executive Director Pino Arlacchi, mentioning a U-turn in UN policy regarding the Swiss heroin prescription experiment, I would like to state the following:

The Executive Director did not state, nor has there been, any change in the position of the United Nations with regard to the Swiss heroin prescription experiment. The heroin used by the Swiss authorities in the experiment has been authorized by the International Narcotics Control Board, in line with the international conventions. Furthermore, the position of the United Nations as stated by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs at its fortieth session in March 1997 is unchanged. The statement of the Executive Director was fully in line with the above.


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