Afghanistan Synthetic Drugs Situation Assessment

This report presents the first assessment of the synthetic drug situation in Afghanistan. Alongside the continued dominant presence of an illicit opiate market, recent reports indicate an increasing availability of synthetic drugs in Afghanistan and the South-Western and Central Asian region as a whole. Given that the phenomenon of synthetic drugs cannot be understood by focussing on Afghanistan alone, this report situates the dynamics of synthetic drugs in the country within the wider context of South-Western and Central Asia in order to understand the recent emergence and origins of synthetic drugs in Afghanistan. Overall, there continue to be some significant analytical gaps in the information and data relating to synthetic drugs in Afghanistan. The main objective of this report is to offer some initial insights into the extent of synthetic drug production, use, and trafficking in Afghanistan and to highlight important areas for further research. A range of potential areas for response are also outlined in the report, which may be considered by national and international stakeholders.


UN document ID number: N/A
Publication date: January 2017
Number of pages: 36
File type: PDF
Languages: English, Dari, Pashto