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GLO.ACT Objectives

The project aims to assist the selected countries in developing and implementing comprehensive national counter-trafficking and counter-smuggling responses. A prevention, protection, prosecution and partnership approach has been adopted which includes six key responses linked to six project objectives.

How does it work?

GLO.ACT addresses trafficking in persons (TIP) and smuggling of migrants (SOM) through six pillars:


GLO.ACT supports policy & strategy GLO.ACT provides legislative assistance

GLO.ACT works with countries to develop policies and strategies tailored to their national context.

GLO.ACT ensures that domestic legislative frameworks for criminalizing TIP and SOM meet international standards.

GLO.ACT upgrades knowledge and skills GLO.ACT facilitates international cooperation

GLO.ACT works with governmental authorities to enhance the knowledge and capacity of criminal justice practitioners to combat TIP and SOM and to protect victims of trafficking and vulnerable migrants.

GLO.ACT promotes cooperation and information exchange among law enforcement officials on the identification, investigation and prosecution of offences related to TIP and SOM.

GLO.ACT helps victims of TIP & SOM GLO.ACT helps child victims of TIP & SOM

GLO.ACT, particularly through IOM, works with civil society and government authorities to develop assistance and support programmes for victims of trafficking and vulnerable migrants.

GLO.ACT, particularly through UNICEF and IOM, works with victim support services and relevant government authorities to develop frameworks for the protection and assistance of children.


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