Children - our future, our responsibility

The Flyer (pdf) produced by the United Nations Office for Drugs and Crimes contains basic information the public, individuals and families can refer to regarding the prevention of drug use and treatment of drug use disorders for children and adolescents at risk.

The technical report issued in 2014 by UNODC: Preventing illicit drug use and treating drug use disorders for children and adolescents (pdf) gives a more specific and detailed explanation of the Children Project GLOK42 that the public may access for further information.

Parents, adolescents, children, and community members in need of further information can access resources at the UNODC website for Prevention and for Treatment.

Individuals and families may also be interested in reading success stories describing children, adolescents and families who were using drugs and are now in recovery after accessing services related to the Children's Program. These stories are real examples that took place in Afghanistan since the creation of the UNODC program:



Living in poor conditions, exposed to an alcoholic father and poor circumstances for his mother and siblings caused a young boy to suffer. In order to tackle his feelings, the boy joined a peer group and was influenced to use drugs and alcohol. In order to contribute to the family income he earned money by offering sexual services, and unfortunately was abused on a regular basis. The OHSS rescue team found the boy sitting under a tree. The team built trust and a positive relationship with the boy before referring him to the Children's Program. The help offered by the GLOK42 team assisted the boy in seeing positives sides of his life and gave him hope for the future.



Deep depression, drug addiction and isolations from her family, marked the life of this girl. Thanks to her participation in the Children Program she could achieve recovery from her drug use and depression. Resulting in an eagerness to motivate her family members to come to the centre as well. The girl was a big help for other clients during their phase of detoxification, she became a role model for clients in treatment and is now able to leave the residential treatment facility and live a healthy and successful life.



A woman with three children participated in drug treatment in several facilities but never completed it. She joined the Children's Program treatment provided through the GLOK42 project. She completed her drug treatment care plan and was interested in additional sessions during her rehabilitation where her children could attend educational sessions. After a couple of weeks when she left the residential treatment the outreach team visited her house and found a healthy and happy woman that was earning money from tailoring, a skill she learned during her stay in the treatment centre. She and her children can now dream of a better future.



A family father who was addicted to Heroin for more than 10 years put his family at physical risk due to his smoking in the room, and emotional and social risk related to the stigma attached to heroin use. The man was not aware of any drug addiction treatment service in his region when the outreach team met him. After several counselling session, motivation and proper social/medical assistance the outreach team succeeded to motivate the family to hospitalize the man for proper drug treatment. At the moment the family is under conscious "Aftercare Follow up" and is looking forward to their normal life.



The staff members of the GLOK42 project helped a man and his family who were addicted to drugs for 15 years to return to a drug free and healthy life. A family with five daughters and five sons fell into drug addiction as the eldest son kept using drugs inside the house in a room where all family members lived. The outreach team managed to develop trust by providing the family motivational counselling sessions as well as provision of medical-social services. They were convinced to accept drug treatment. The family completed the treatment and stays in contact with the outreach team through regular follow up meetings. The family now enjoys their daily life.



A boy lived with his aunt after his mother died during child birth. After some years, the boy was given to his father who had married a new wife. The stepmother never accepted the boy and abused him on a regular basis. The stepmother convinced the father to kick the boy out of their house and so the boy ended up on the streets without any food or money. An old man found the boy and took him to his house. Every day the boy felt depressed about his situation. Once, he met other boys that gave him something smooth that made him forget his problems, it created a really good feeling. The boy started stealing money from the old man in order to get the drugs again. Once the man realised it, he kicked the boy out from his place and the boy ended up on the streets again. The outreach team found the boy in very unkempt conditions and referred him to treatment, where medical and social workers took care of him. Finally, the outreach team found the address of the father of the boy and managed to connect them with each other. As the stepmother was not with them anymore, the boy moved back to his father and siblings. He enjoys being reunited with his family again.