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Professional Peer Review of the UNODC Evaluation Function

This is the first Peer Review of the UNODC Evaluation Function. The OECD-DAC Network on Development Evaluation (EvalNet) and the UN Evaluation Group (UNEG) maintain a Joint Task Force to support professional Peer Reviews (PRs) of the evaluation functions of UN organizations. Since its establishment in 2005, the Task Force has conducted 13 Peer Reviews, including three 'second-round' Peer Reviews.

Final Peer Review Report (please click)


UNEG Framework for Peer Reviews (please click)

Evaluation news

System-wide Evaluation in Support of UN Reform: Towards Collective Accountability & Learning

IES actively contributes to strategic discussions on the new draft policy for System-wide Evaluation through the United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG). This is one of various efforts to further strengthen the normative evaluation framework in the UN system.  

Read more in the UNEG White Paper. The paper reflects on the possible role and contribution of UNEG to inform/guide UN reform, with a particular focus on Agenda 2030. It offers some ideas on how to strengthen the synergies between agency specific and system-wide evaluation at global level and how to maximize the value-added of system-wide evaluation as a key driver for a stronger, more accountable and effective UN system.  

"Evidence Changes Lives: Realizing Evaluation's Potential to Inform the Global Sustainable Development Goals" (external link, please click for the full article

"UN calls for better evaluation in the post-2015 development agenda" (please click here for the full article; external link: Full article)

Further information and news on evaluation in an international context can be found on the UNEG website

Other Organizations Evaluation Reports

  • PER/U87 Sustainable agricultural development to reduce poverty through environmentally sustainable approaches and gender empowerment, mid-term evaluation, 2012 ( Report)
  • LKA/T91 Civil Society Empowerment Project to enhance Democracy, final evaluation, November 2011 ( Report)
  • PAK/J85 HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care for female injecting drug users and female prisoners in Pakistan (PAKJ85). Mid Term Review, February 2010 ( Report)
  • RAS/H13 Prevention of Transmission of HIV among drug users in SAARC Countries, Phase II (2007-12). Mid-Term Review, March-April 2010 ( Report)
  • XSP/T33 Project Childhood: Child Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism (CSETT), Mekong Sub-Region, Mid-term Evaluation, November 2013 ( Evaluation Report; Management Response)

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