Yury Fedotov, Director General/Executive Director"I fully stand behind the Secretary-General's commitment to leading by example and fostering an enabling, inclusive and diverse work environment.[...] The importance of gender mainstreaming and addressing the specific needs of women and girls is clear across our mandate. UNODC is working to strengthen crime prevention and criminal justice responses to eliminate violence against women, and to provide essential services to women and girls subject to violence. […] UNODC is also providing high-quality, gender-responsive drug- and crime-related research and analysis."

Yury Fedotov at a side event during the 61 st session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs, March 2018

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  Gender at the Core of the 7th Maritime Law Enforcement Dialogue (MLED) in Southeast Asia                                                                                             10 January 2020 -  Phu Quoc, Vietnam - 10 maritime law enforcement practitioners from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, together with 6 international gender experts and contributors, attended the special session to the 7 th  Maritime Law Enforcement Dialogue (MLED) in Southeast Asia, titled "Women in Maritime Law Enforcement" (WMLE) on 28-29 November 2019. [Read more]


UNODC and WHO organize international training on substance use treatment and care during pregnancy                                                                18 December 2019 - Kyiv, Ukraine  -  The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) jointly with the World Health Organization (WHO) in the framework of the UNODC-WHO Programme on Drug Dependence Treatment and Care, organized an International training on Identification and Management of Substance Use Disorders in Pregnancy. [Read more]



Opening of Women and Juvenile Faciliation and UNODC Global eLearning Centres in Gujrat and Gujranwala                                                                      17 December 2019 -   Gujrat & Gujranwala, Pakistan  -   The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) opened one-stop Women and Juvenile Facilitation Centre (WJFC) in Gujrat and two eLearning Centres in Gujrat and Gujranwala on 17 December 2019, in collaboration with the Gujrat  Police, with the financial support of the Government of Norway. [Read more]


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