Working Group on Firearms

Vienna, Austria, 10 and 12 May 2021

Registration - Introducing the INDICO event registration system (available only in English)

Starting at the end of 2020, a new registration management platform called INDICO will be used for meetings of UNODC intergovernmental bodies.

The Secretariat will provide the links to register for the respective events via INDICO to all invitees.

All designated participants have to submit their registration form in INDICO, attaching the Permanent Mission’s note verbale/Organization’s official communication with the composition of its delegation to the respective meeting.

For this, participants have to create an account in INDICO with their personal email address. Once an account has been created, participants can register for all UN system wide events where INDICO is already used (e.g. UN Geneva).

COVID-19 related information

Meeting guidelines for in person participation

VIC Meeting Guidelines for Participants: COVID-19 (Please note that these are basic guidelines prepared by the VIC Medical Service and they need to be read in conjunction with the host country’s latest recommendations, in particular on the use of the FFP2 masks and maintaining the 2 meters distance).

COVID-19 FAQs Wearing masks at the VIC (Update 25 January) 

Latest info on COVID-19 from Austrian and Viennese authorities
COVID-19 Test

While there is no requirement to present a negative PCR or antigen test results in order to enter the VIC, delegations attending the Working Group on Firearms are strongly encouraged to present a negative 72h PCR and/or 48h antigen test resultas a precautionary measure to contain the spread of the virus.

Participants can take a COVID-19 rapid test at Austria Center (U1 Kaisermuehlen and Drive-In) before entering the VIC. Tests are free of charge and available for everybody, including persons without health insurance in Austria. Please register and make an appointment online and bring a photo ID.

More information on how and where you can test yourself here.

Meeting Documentation


Annotated provisional agenda

Reducing illicit financial and arms flows to achieve target 16.4 of the Sustainable Development Goals. Background paper prepared by the Secretariat

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