Economic and Social Council


1042nd Plenary Meeting
28 July 1958

1958/689(XXVI)H.Prohibition of opium production in Afghanistan*/


The Economic and Social Council,

Having noted that Afghanistan, which was formerly an important opium-producing country, has adopted the law of Kaus 2, 1336 (24 November 1957)32/ concerning the prohibition of cultivation, trade, purchase, sale, import, export and use of opium in Afghanistan,

Welcoming this policy, and at the same time recognizing that it entails serious economic and social consequences for a considerable proportion of the population of the region formerly occupied in opium cultivation; and that assistance is required both in respect of the immediate emergency and the long-range development involved,

Recalling with gratification the response of Afghanistan to the invitations regarding the 1925 and 1931 Convention contained in resolution II B (XI) of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs,

Recognizing that the success of Afghanistan in this field requires international co-operation,

Recognizing that technical assistance is a useful means of aiding in the execution of the policy incorporated in the above-mentioned law,

Recalling the interest in this question expressed by the General Assembly and the Council itself,

1. Expresses its sense of the significance of the policy adopted by Afghanistan and its hope that Afghanistan will succeed in accomplishing the tasks it has undertaken;

2. Draws the attention of the General Assembly, of the specialized agencies concerned, and especially of the relevant technical assistance organs, to the importance, in relation to the economic and social development of Afghanistan, of the successful and speedy achievement of these aims.

1042nd plenary meeting,
28 July 1958

32/ E/NL.1958/13.

*/ Adopted as recommended by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in its draft resolution VI(XIII) (E/3133-E/CN.7/354, annex I), with a minor amendment.