Economic and Social Council


1858th Plenary Meeting
18 May 1973

1973/1773(LIV).1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances: ratifications and accessions*/


The Economic and Social Council,

Recalling its resolutions 1658(LII) and 1665(LII) of 1 June 1972 and General Assembly resolution 3013(XXVII) of 18 December 1972, in particular sub-paragraph (c) of the operative part of that resolution,

Convinced that action against illicit traffic and drug abuse (narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances) will be more effective when the control system for narcotics is supplemented by appropriate measures in the field of psychotropic substances,

Recommends Governments that are not yet parties to the Convention of Psychotropic Substances69/ to ratify or accede to this Convention.

1858th plenary meeting,
18 May 1973

69/ E/CONF.58/6 and Corr. 1 and 2.

*/ Adopted as recommended by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in its resolution 2(XXV) (E/5248-E/CN.7/555, para. 100 and chap. XII draft resolution B), with minor amendments.