In our determination to promote alternative development and sustainable livelihoods opportunities we have developed informative material about our strategy and our work in the field. In this section, we present to you some of this material.




Sharing Experiences on Alternative Development from Southeast Asia and Latin America


The Alternative Development Model in San Martin. A case study on Local Economic Development
English, Spanish


An Assessment of the Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Sustainable Alternative Development (2010)





Mainstreaming Alternative Development in Thailand, Lao PDR and Myanmar: A Process of Learning (2010)


Sustaining Opium Reduction in Southeast Asia: Sharing Experience on Alternative Development and Beyond (2008)


Desarrollo Alternativo en el área andina. Guía Técnica (December 2008)




Reaching out to the Wa: Achievements in Mong Pawk District (2006) - English (pdf)

Life in the Wa Hills: Towards Sustainable Development (2006) - English (pdf)

Alternative Development: A Global Thematic Evaluation (March 2005) - English (pdf), Spanish (pdf)

Jatun Sacha: 10 Years Building a Forestry Culture in Bolivia (2005) - English/Spanish (pdf)

Afghanistan - Mapping of Alternative Livelihoods Projects (2005) - English (pdf)

Monitoring of Alternative Development Projects in Peru in 2004 - Spanish (pdf)

Emerging Gender Strategies for Alternative Development, Regional Seminar on Alternative Development - English (pdf)

Information Networking and Sharing Good Practices on Gender and Development, UNODC Regional Centre for East Asia and the Pacific, 2004 - English (pdf)

A Manual on Monitoring and Evaluation for Alternative Development Projects, Regional Centre for East Asia and the Pacific, 2003 - English (pdf)

The Role of Alternative Development in Drug Control and Development Cooperation, International Conference 7-12 January 2002, Feldafing, Germany - English (pdf)



Alternative Development in the Andean Area - The UNDCP experience , Revised edition, Vienna, August 2001 - English (pdf)

Alternative Development: Sharing Good Practices, Facing Common Problems, UNDCP Regional Centre for East Asia and the Pacific, July 2001 - English (pdf)

Report on Guidelines for Best Practices on Gender Mainstreaming in Alternative Development, January 2000 - Spanish (pdf), English (pdf)

The Economic Viability of Alternative Development, UNDCP internal paper, 1999 - English (pdf)

Alternative Development - Drug Control through Rural Development, article prepared for the ACC Network on Rural Development and Food Security, September 1998 - English (pdf)

Report on the Thematic Evaluation of Alternative Development in Peru, March 1997 - English (pdf)

Technical Information Paper, Alternative Development as an Instrument of Drug Abuse Control, TIP No. 5, 7 September 1993 - English (pdf)

Alternative Development: the modern thrust of supply-side policy, Occasional Papers, Bulletin of Narcotics, Vol. VI, Nos 1&2, 1999 - English (pdf)

Drugs and Development, discussion paper prepared for the World Summit on Social Development, June 1994 - English (pdf)