International Scientific and Professional Advisory Council of the United Nations Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Programme (ISPAC)

International Scientific and Professional Advisory Council (ISPAC), founded in 1991, places special emphasis on enhancing the contributions of scientific and professional institutions and non-governmental organizations from developing countries in crime prevention and criminal justice. It hosts a specialized forum for those working in the area of international criminal justice and serves as the body for the coordination of NGO activities and ancillary meetings at the United Nations Crime Congresses.

SPAC assists its stakeholders with the access to the services and expertise of its constituent organizations, including technical assistance, training, education and research, monitoring and evaluation. This is mainly carried out through the convening of annual conferences devoted to topical subjects as agreed upon by the ISPAC Board in consultation with UNODC. These conferences also serve as an occasion for the PNI coordination meetings.

ISPAC's scientific contribution through research, conferences, workshops and several publications has covered topics ranging from Organized Crime to Cybercrime in its different forms, with main emphasis on subjects dealing with protecting cultural property and corruption.

On its website, ISPAC provides detailed information on its activities and publications, links to other international organizations and institutes in the field of criminal justice and hosts a detailed calendar of international criminal justice activities.