Data Matters

Are you interested in how many prison systems are overcrowded? Or whether actual progress is being made in reducing violence worldwide or in certain areas?

The Data Matters series provides short, easy-to-read research briefs on topics related to crime, criminal justice and drugs. This series aims to make UNODC data accessible to policy makers and the general public in a timely manner. Key facts emerging from solid evidence to inform the international community: the spirit of the series is to focus on the essential, and to let the data speak for themselves.



Data Matters N0. 3 - 

Killings of women and girls by their intimate partner or other family members - Global estimates 2020

English, Spanish

Country data on intentional homicides by intimate partners/family members available at:

Data Matters N0. 2 - Intentional homicide - Human trafficking - Unsentenced detention - Arms trafficking - Corruption - Wildlife trafficking - October 2021 

English, Spanish

Data Matters No.1- Nearly twelve million people imprisoned globally, nearly one-third unsentenced with prisons overcrowded in half of all countries - July 2021 

English, Spanish