UNODC-ESCAP-UNCTAD - Kick-off meeting of pilot activities for measuring illicit financial flows in Asia-Pacific countries

In the context of the Development Account Project “Statistics and data for measuring illicit financial flows in the Asia-Pacific region” on 26 May, UNODC Research and Trend Analysis Branch, in partnership with UNODC ROSEAP, ESCAP and UNCTAD, organized the kick-off meeting of pilot activities for the statistical measurement of illicit financial flows (IFFs) in Asia-Pacific countries.
Some 70 representatives from National Statistical Offices, Financial Intelligence Units, Law Enforcement Agencies, Tax authorities and other national institutions from the six selected pilot countries (Viet Nam, Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan) participated in the meeting together with international organizations representatives and IFFs global experts.

Objective of the meeting was to launch pilot testing activities by:

  • Introducing the participating countries to the concepts and definition of illicit financial flows as included in the UNCTAD-UNODC Conceptual framework for the statistical measurement of illicit financial flows

  • Introducing the methodological guidelines developed so far by UNODC and UNCTAD, and presenting practical examples and good practices from previous pilot activities in Latin America and existing exercises in Laos and South Africa

  • Presenting the project implementation strategy, discussing the workplan of implementation activities and proposing possible coordination solutions

The meeting was structured around a plenary session to introduce the general features and concepts of the UNCTAD-UNODC Conceptual framework and the general workplan of activities, and a second session in two breakout rooms (one room focusing on methodological guidelines and practical examples on measuring IFFs from crime and illegal market activities – drug and wildlife trafficking – and the other breakout room focusing on illicit-tax related commercial practices).