UNODC-UNCTAD Expert Consultation on the SDG Indicator on Illicit Financial Flows (IFF)

As custodian agencies of SDG Indicator 16.4.1 "Total value of inward and outward illicit financial flows, in current United States dollars", UNODC and UNCTAD are leading the work to develop a statistical methodology and a measurement standard to estimate illicit financial flows (IFFs). The two agencies have jointly organised expert consultations on the statistical framework and possible quantitative methodologies to estimate IFFs. Between December 12 and 14, 2017, some 40 experts from different institutions such as statistical offices, financial institutions, financial intelligence units, international organisations, academia and research centres met in Vienna to engage in a technical discussion on this methodological challenging but highly relevant topic. The meeting discussed a preliminary statistical framework and possible methodological approaches to measure the SDG indicator on IFFs. 

Date: 12-14 December 2017

Venue: Vienna (Austria)

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Background papers

Building a statistical framework to measure Illicit Financial Flows

Measurement of Illicit Financial Flows


Building a Statistical Framework to Measure Illicit Financial Flows

Illicit Financial Flows Related to Illegal Activities

Measurement of Illicit Financial Flows

Report from Work Group 1 Day 1

Report from Work Group 2 Day 1

Report from Work Group 1 Day 2

Report from Work Group 2 Day 2