Booklet 3 - Drug market trends: Opioids, Cannabis

Constituting the third part of the World Drug Report 2021, the present booklet contains an analysis of the global market for cannabis, starting with a review of cannabis supply, including trends in the cultivation of and trafficking in cannabis herb and cannabis resin at the global level and in the various regions. It contains the latest estimates of and trends in cannabis use, including an analysis of changes over time in cannabis use and risk perceptions. The booklet also includes an overview of the latest developments in measures regulating the non-medical use of cannabis in Canada, Uruguay and some jurisdictions in the United States of America.
With respect to opioids, the booklet discusses the overlaps between the various opioids, mostly in terms of demand dynamics. It also contains the latest estimates of and trends in opioid use at the global and regional levels, including an update on the availability of pharmaceutical opioids for medical consumption. That is followed by an overview of the latest estimates of and trends in the supply of opiates, from the cultivation of opium poppy and production of opium to trafficking trends and routes, on the basis of seizures made in the subregions in which opiates are produced and along the routes to the main opiate markets. The booklet concludes with a review of the supply of other opioids, in particular the trafficking trends and routes for fentanyls and tramadol both at the global level and in the subregions most affected.