Booklet 4 - Drug market trends: Cocaine, Amphetamine-type stimulants

Constituting the fourth part of the World Drug Report 2021, the present booklet contains an analysis of the global market for cocaine, starting with a review of cocaine supply, including trends in the cultivation of coca bush and in the manufacture of and trafficking in cocaine at the global level and in the various regions. It also contains an overview of the latest estimates of and trends in cocaine use in different markets.
With respect to ATS, the booklet reviews the latest trends in the supply of and demand for methamphetamine, amphetamine and “ecstasy”. It provides up-to-date information on the manufacture of each of these drugs, based on information on dismantled laboratories and seizures of precursor chemicals, and an overview of trafficking in them at the global level, with a particular focus on the regions and subregions most affected. The booklet also contains the latest estimates of and information on the trends in the use of amphetamines and “ecstasy” at the regional and global levels.