CRIMJUST holds training aiming to strengthen capacities of prosecutors and law enforcement officials on proceeds of crime

28 September - 2 October 2020 - The CRIMJUST Global Programme, funded by the European Union under the framework of the "Global Illicit Flows Programme”, held a second online training on “Strengthening Capacities of Criminal Justice Institutions in the Recovery of Proceeds of Crime”, in partnership with the Ibero-American Network of Anti-Drug Prosecutors (RFAI) of the AIAMP and the Office of the Public Prosecutor in Argentina. A total of 46 prosecutors and law enforcement officials from Argentina participated in this training, of whom 14 were women. This followed proceeds of crime training for criminal justice practitioners in Bolivia delivered in July 2020. 

This activity was organized with a view of strengthening investigative and analytical capacities of law enforcement and judicial officials to trace, confiscate and manage proceeds from crime. New tendencies and increasingly sophisticated modus operandi ofdrug trafficking groups are requiring that law enforcement and judicial officials adopt interdisciplinary approaches in their investigations, adopting financial, economic and legal perspectives both at a national and regional level.

Antonino de Leo, UNODC Representative in Ecuador and Peru, inaugurated the training offering an overview of the Global Programme CRIMJUST and highlighting the need to bolster international cooperation to stem illicit transnational financial flows. Following his remarks, Ignacio de Lucas Martín, co-director of RFAI – partner in this activity -, recalled the network’s role in promoting regional cooperation as well as in strengthening knowledge and capacities to respond effectively to the challenges posed by drug trafficking trends. Finally, the Ambassador of the European Union Delegation in Argentina, H.E. Aude Maio-Coliche remarked that enhancing criminal justice cooperation beyond interdiction activities is fundamental to ensure that anti-drug strategies are effective in disrupting the criminal landscape and business models of organized crime.

During the training, experts from Argentina, Spain and Colombia described key concepts and an overview of theoretical frameworks to carry out successful and targeted financial investigations. Further, experts addressed methods to outline the coordination of an investigation to seize proceeds of crime, specifying relevant legislation, networks and available international and national tools. All panels were followed by Q&A sessions with participants, who interacted with experts, clarify remaining doubts and sharing experiences and challenges.

 This training is part of CRIMJUST’s efforts to promote cross-border investigations into transnational crime beyond interdiction activities in order to optimize judicial outcomes and ensure these seek to dismantle organized crime networks in the long-term.

This CRIMJUST activity was funded by the European Union under the framework of the "Global Illicit Flows Programme"). It joins existing efforts to enhance law enforcement and judicial counter-narcotic strategies beyond interdiction activities and to foster transnational responses targeting each stage of the drug supply chain.

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