UNODC held a training on risk-indicators for detection of firearms in Bosnia and Herzegovina

On 24-25 March 2022, UNODC through its Global Firearms Programme has organized in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), a training on risk-indicators for detection of firearms, their parts and components and ammunition in fast and postal parcels for officials from Hrvatska Posta Mostar, BH Posta, Srpske Poste and BiH Customs.

The training was composed of theoretical modules and practical exercises. The topics included information about the existing legal framework in BiH, the international regulations related to security of postal traffic, and the standards for postal security. A detailed analysis of the prohibited goods regulations and their classifications in BiH was provided. The training included also a module on the identification of firearms, their parts, components and ammunition, their marking and applicable laws in BiH. 

The risk analysis module provided information about identification of risks in postal services, evaluation of threats based on various sets of information such as seizures information analysis, and firearms price difference analysis. The module on development of risk indicators provided information about the process, the data required for their development , and the cooperation with other stakeholders. The training also included practical exercises on developing risk-profiles against sets of data.


This activity is implemented with the financial support provided by Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, France, the Netherlands, and Norway through the Western Balkans SALW Control Roadmap Trust Fund and supported by the European Union.