The Global Firearms Programme delivered a training on countering diversion of arms exports and detection of firearms trafficking in Bosnia and Herzegovina

On 11 to 13 December 2018 - UNODC's Global Firearms Programme delivered in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), a training for first line responders from the Customs Administration on countering diversion and detection of firearms trafficking at land border crossing points. The event was conducted in cooperation with the Prosecutor's Office of BiH and the arms export licencing officers of BiH. The training had four main components.

The first part of the training focused on risk assessment, developing local risk indicators, profiling and selection of travellers and vehicles. The seconded component included practical exercises for enhancing skills to identify concealments in vehicles. The Indirect Tax Administration of BiH has provided in-kind support for this part of trianing by making available training premises and vehicles.


The third part identified the main points of diversion of firearms from legal to the grey and subsequently to the black market. The participants gained knowledge on the procedures for import, transit and export of firearms, their parts and components and ammunition, and on applying interdiction techniques for preventing diversion.

The final part of the training dealt with the criminal aspects of firearms trafficking, including the procedures to be followed the upon detection of firearms trafficking. Investigators and prosecutors from the Prosecutor's Office delivered tabletop exercises and provided case studies on securing evidence material and respecting the rights of the detained suspects in accordance with the Criminal Procedure Code of BiH.












The activity was made possible through the generous contribution of the Federal Republic of Germany.