The Global Firearms Programme supports the implementation of the Roadmap for countering illicit firearms trafficking in the Western Balkans

On 25-27 June 2019, UNODC, through its Global Firearme Programme, organized two specialized practical trainings on investigation and prosecution of firearms trafficking in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Criminal justice practitioners from BiH and Montenegro participated in the capacity building event, including investigators and prosecutors who work on firearms trafficking cases at first and second instance prosecutor's offices.

The overall objective of the trainings was to contribute to a more effective criminal justice response to firearms trafficking and facilitate the implementation the criminal justice component of the regional Roadmap for countering firearms trafficking and to support the countries in their efforts to achieve Goal 3 of the Roadmap: "By 2024, significantly reduce illicit flows of firearms, ammunition and explosives (FAE) into, within and beyond the Western Balkans". 

The specific objective of the trainings was to enhance the knowledge of the participants in conducting investigations and the prosecution of firearms trafficking cases by understanding how firearms identification and tracing contribute to solving cases with transnational elements. UNODC, national trainers and foreign police liaison officers provided details on the forms of tracing, stages of tracing, and the tracing procedure. The trainings allowed participants to share good practices and lessons learned on transnational investigations, discuss joint investigation teams and identify gaps in the existing criminal procedure laws. UNODC conducted tabletop exercises where the participants analysed the national criminal law provisions on smuggling, illicit trade, illicit possession, and discussed the existing case law.

The event was supported through the generous contribution of Germany.