Global Programme on Firearms and the Container Control Programme Training Course

19-20 March 2013


UNODC provided training to officials of the law enforcement and customs agencies from Albania and Montenegro, who are members of the Joint Port Control Units, established under the framework of the UNODC-WCO Container Control Programme (CCP). Thus, a training component from Global Project on Firearms was incorporated for the first time in the CCP's training course.
The training included presentations on the global, regional and national legal frameworks for transfer controls; review of the decision making process for issuance or denial of import and export licences and authorizations; licensing control and reporting;  overview of the documentation requirements and data relevant to the export and import of controlled goods; and record-keeping for the purposes of investigation and tracing of seized firearms.
The training on the legal framework on transfer controls and the identification of firearms for the purpose of investigation and tracing complimented the work of the CCP. It provided the beneficiaries with information, which empowered them to review the transfer control process not only from the enforcement perspective, but also to establish the links between the various actors and decision making involved in it. Furthermore, it provided them with practical knowledge on the identification of firearms, which is required for the purposes of investigation and international cooperation.
The training took place in Vljora, Albania, and was  an example of an excellent team work between the UNODC's units during the planning and delivery of capacity building activities.