The Global Firearms Programme supports countering firearms trafficking through postal shipments

In 2019, the Global Firearms Programme (GFP) launched its project on detection of firearms in postal shipments and initiated co-operation with the Montenegrin Customs Administration. The first training for customs officers was delivered in Podgorica on 12-14 November 2019.

On 10-11 December, the Global Firearms Programme supported the Customs Administration in analyzing and mapping the processes of border control related to postal and express parcels shipments, and the use of these methods to traffic firearms, their parts and explosives. The GFP has conducted several expert group meetings with Customs staff from the Postal Office, Podgorica Airport and the Risk Analysis section, focusing on the methods used to detect firearms and the challenges that exist.

The GFP's project on detection of firearms in postal shipments is supported through a generous contribution from Germany and addresses the increasing use of postal and express parcels to traffic illegal firearms, their parts and components, and ammunition.