The Global Firearms Programme supports Frontex in the development of a Handbook on detection of firearms

On 5-6 December 2019 the Global Firearms Programme (GFP) has participated in the meeting for the preparation of the "Handbook on Detection of Firearms for Border Guards and Customs Officers", organized by Frontex in Warsaw, Poland. The GFP has been providing specialized trainings to customs and border guards on detection of firearms at land border crossing points since 2017. The GFP has conducted trainings events on this topic in the Western Balkans and Africa, and plans to rollout these trainings also in Central Asia in 2020.

The meeting in Warsaw has brought together relevant actors and expertise to jointly summarize the drafting process of the Handbook and reflect on the progress achieved so far. The GFP is contributing to the Handbook by providing its materials and advice on the formulation of risk indicators on firearms trafficking. The GFP plans to support Frontex in the rollout phase of the Handbook in 2020 by providing information about the methodology and the organization of the trainings.