UNODC launches website survey

Photo: UNODC Français / French

23 February 2011 - The UNODC website is the foremost medium through which UNODC communicates its messages and its work on justice, security and health to its global audience. The website serves as the primary source of information on the Office's activities for media, Member States, donors, NGOs, researchers and the general public.

In the past year, the website has continued to register positive growth. In the second half of 2010, usage numbers grew by 45 per cent.

In order to serve UNODC website users better, UNODC has launched a web survey. The survey is intended to obtain useful feedback from users on what information they find most relevant to their needs, what they would like to see more of and how user-friendly they find the website. Responses submitted through the survey will feed into an ongoing process to update the content and appearance of the website. The survey takes five to eight minutes to complete.

To go to the survey, click here.

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