UNODC trains experts to disrupt financing of terrorist networks

UNODC trains experts to disrupt financing of terrorist networks

25 October 2018 - Terrorists require financing to recruit and support members, maintain logistics hubs, and conduct operations. Preventing terrorist financing is therefore crucial to countering these threats. Since many States lack the legal and operational frameworks and technical expertise to address such financing, UNODC has developed a training course to provide support.

The course is the only one available on this topic and helps experts better understand and reduce the threats related to terrorist financing. It also shows countries how they can better use Security Council sanctions to disrupt these flows.

The latest course was held in Cairo, Egypt, early October 2018, supported by the Middle East and North Africa Financial Action Task Force (MENAFATF) and the Egyptian Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Combating Unit.

The event brought together experts from financial intelligence units, intelligence agencies, law enforcement agencies, ministries of foreign affairs, central banks, prosecutors and other related entities.

Participants learned, among other things, how to support the UN Security Council in assessing if an individual or entity is suitable for listing for sanctions in accordance with relevant Security Council resolutions.

"We are really grateful that the UN delivered this workshop. It has brought experts from the MENAFATF together and has allowed them to share information on the threat of terrorist financing. It has also provided experts with another method to disrupt terrorist networks which will enhance anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing frameworks," a MENAFATF representative explained.

The course was jointly created by the UN Security Council Resolutions 1267 and 1988 Monitoring Team, UNODC's Global Programme against Money Laundering and Terrorism Prevention Branch, along with the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism, the UN Counter Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate and INTERPOL.

Since December 2017, the course has been delivered to participants from Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Mali, Russia, Somalia and the whole Middle East and North Africa Region.

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