UNODC launches online module on femicide prevention and police action

© UNODC / Secretariat of Citizen Security and Protection (Mexico)

Mexico City (Mexico), 11 September 2020 – The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Mexico, has designed the very first online module on femicide prevention and police action, in collaboration with the Secretariat of Citizen Security and Protection, the Merida Initiative and the UNODC Global eLearning Programme. This special module now is part of the framework on “Strengthening Program for the Security of Vulnerable Groups”.

The module is aimed at police personnel from different security institutions and is now a key part of the curriculum for the “Diploma in Prevention, Investigation of Femicide and Police Action”. 

Its launch was a clear indicator of the ongoing work of the Programme, despite the contingencies presented by COVID-19. In addition, not only has it elaborated on pedagogical elements to the content on femicide prevention already imparted in the classroom; the module has also introduced new topics of study within the field, while continuing to raise awareness on gender-based violence and femicide.

The primary learning objective of the module is to identify both the duties and tools that security institutions have at their disposal when preventing violence against women, with particular emphasis on femicide. It also integrates a joint ethical and professional approach to victim-care; and addresses topics such as the use of anthropological expertise, work stress among security institution staff and the impact it has on interaction with victims.

Through the use of technological tools, UNODC continues to reinforce its commitment to strengthening the response capacity of security institutions towards gender-based violence. Through ongoing training and capacity-building, the Mexico offices is contributing to the fullfilment of one of the main objectives in the “Strengthening Program for the Security of Vulnerable Groups”, which focuses on endowing public security actors who act as first-responders with sufficient tools for the investigation and prevention of femicide, in accordance with national and international standards.

This initiative contributes an essential part of the curriculum for the “Diploma in Prevention, Investigation of Feminicide and Police Action” and to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular SDG 5: Gender Equality and 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.

The UNODC Executive Director, Mrs. Ghada Waly, has been clear that the protection of women is a priority for the organization: "In each of our countries, societies and families, there is a mother, a daughter, a sister who needs us to defend her more than ever. We must fight for their rights in the midst of a global crisis that threatens to destroy the achievements of the past." 

UNODC offers specialized assistance in strengthening crime prevention and criminal justice system responses to violence against women. The Office is currently assisting 18 countries, providing legislative and policy support and developing the capacity of criminal justice systems to more effectively prevent, investigate, prosecute and punish related crimes, to provide access to legal aid and to empower and protect victims, survivors and witnesses.