Let us not close our eyes

11 February 2008 - Each day, people are recruited, transported and abducted for purposes such as forced labour and sexual exploitation. The Film Forum on Human Trafficking - coinciding with the Vienna Forum to Fight Human Trafficking - will feature 18 films that show the many aspects of this crime.

Hosted by the City of Vienna, the Film Forum will feature films from independent filmmakers such as "Sex Slaves" (Ric Esther Bienstock), "Ezra" (Newton Aduaka) and "Et Après" (Mohamed Ismael), along with Hollywood blockbusters such as "Trade" (Marco Kreuzpaintner), "Amazing Grace" (Michael Apted) and "Blood Diamond" (Edward Zwick). 

Given its narrative form of storytelling, film is a medium well-suited to show the complexity of human trafficking and the violation it represents. At the same time it provides the audience with an opportunity to identify with the victims.

Human trafficking is about ordinary people who share the same hopes, dreams and desires to create a better life for themselves and their families. Let us not close our eyes but rather open them to these fellow human beings' stories and cries for help. 

Programme for the Film Forum (pdf).