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General Gender Mainstreaming Tools

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These UNODC resources provide practical guidance and are designed to support national governments, other UN entities and individuals working in civil society organizations.
You can find the Guidance Note (2.0) for UNODC Staff on Gender Mainstreaming in the Work of UNODC here.

 More resources will be added soon.

General Resources

  • UNODC Handbook: Framework to Measure and Report on Gender-related SDG Results [English] NEW
  • Checklist for Mainstreaming Gender in all Projects/Programmes [English
  • Guidance for Avoiding All Male Panels (United Nations Indonesia) [English]
  • Gender-inclusive Language Guidelines [English 1] [English 2]
    [Arabic] [Chinese] [French] [Russian] [Spanish
  • Guidance Note (1.0) for UNODC Staff: Gender mainstreaming in the work of UNODC [English]
  • Gender Checklist for Content Creations [English]

Gender-sensitive Evaluation Tools

  • Guidance to Evaluate SDGs with an equity-focused and gender-responsive lens [English]

  • Thematic Analyses: Evaluation-based analysis of good practices in UNODC's approach to capacity building [English]
    includes chapters on gender sensitive capacity building and gender sensitive approaches 
    (see chapters 3 and 4G) 

  • UNODC Evaluation Guidelines and Templates [English]
    provide evaluation handbook, normative tools, and guides for gender mainstreaming

  • National Evaluation Capacity Building and SDGs (including Gender and Human Rights) [English]

  • UNEG Guidelines on Integrating Human Rights and Gender in Evaluations [English]