UNODC ranked as ‘high performing’ in the 2021 Global Health 50/50 report

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Vienna, March 2021- Gender equality is fundamental to everyone’s health, dignity and livelihoods. The work of UNODC in advancing gender equality in global health has recently been recognised in the 2021 Global Health 50/50 report, “Gender equality: Flying blind in a time of crisis”. UNODC’s practices towards achieving gender equality in the context of global health were ranked with a ‘high score’, alongside other UN organisations such as the FAO, UNHCR and UNICEF.

The report reviews the 201 most influential organizations active in global health to assess how gender equality is being advanced within organizations and health programmes, taking an in-depth look at gender and COVID-19. It highlights how sex, gender and gender equality are key drivers of health inequities, especially during the pandemic as these considerations have been largely missing in the global pandemic response. To understand the full impact of the COVID – 19 pandemic on gender equality and global health, the report asses several areas including ‘commitment to redistribute power’, ‘policies to tackle power and privilege imbalances at work’, ‘equitable outcomes in power and pay’, ‘addressing the gendered power dynamics of inequalities in health outcomes’ and ‘mitigating the unequal impacts of COVID-19 in the workplace’.

UNODC’s high score is attributed to its institutional approach to gender equality and its implementation of the UNODC Strategy for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (2018-2021), the Enabling Environment Guidelines and for reaching gender parity within senior management positions. These have enabled UNODC to stay on course in promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment when they matter the most;  during the pandemic. UNODC continues to be committed to ensuring that global health considerations are gender responsive and to deliver health for all, no matter the gender.

 Overview of organisations that received a high score

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 You can find the full report here.