Youth Action

Together we are stronger

June 21st 2022

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a global plan to support sustainable peace and prosperity and protect our planet. Taking into account the needs and priorities of the most vulnerable populations and countries is particularly important - because ‘leaving no one behind is the central, transformative promise of the 2030 Agenda and the 17 goals of the SDGs.

But what happens when humanitarian crises such as war, hunger, and poverty affect populations?

People seek the protection and support they primitively need. And considering recent humanitarian crises in Afghanistan, Ukraine, and elsewhere, which are occurring in the midst of a major global health crisis, the need to care for all in times of crisis continues to be a pressing matter.

Thus, ‘Addressing drug challenges in health and humanitarian crises’, is this year's theme for the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, also known as World Drug Day (commemorated annually on 26 June). It is an important, timely theme that needs to be addressed globally for more attention to be paid to it. People in difficult humanitarian situations are in particular need of support and assistance. Click here for more information about this year's World Drug Day and how you can contribute!

It is also important to note that, for affected people living in challenging settings such as in conflict/post-conflict situations, refugee camps, or those living in rural or underserved areas with inadequate access to basic infrastructures for healthy and safe everyday lives, proper parenting skills are even more crucial and specific family skills tailored to these stresses need to be prioritized. Building on family skills that would benefit the health and safe development of children, will build resilience in them to support not only the prevention of drug use but also other risky behaviours.

Therefore, we would like to applaud all youth and NGOs working for a better future through drug prevention and health-promoting interventions, in particular those that strive to also benefit people living in challenging or stressful settings. Together, let's help, support, and care: even in times of crisis. Because we are always stronger together. #CareinCrises