The International Collaborative Exercises (ICE) programme aims to assist drug testing laboratories worldwide in assessing their own performance and taking corrective actions, when appropriate. Participation in such collaborative exercises, inter-laboratory comparisons or proficiency tests is one of the essential elements for the implementation of a laboratory quality management system and ultimately accreditation.

Participation in the UNODC ICE programme is available to national drug testing laboratories with options available in the analysis of drugs in Seized Materials (SM) and also in Biological Specimens (BS, specifically urine).


In each of the two ICE rounds per year, UNODC provides participating laboratories with:

• Four (4) unknown test samples of drugs in seized materials
• Four (4) unknown test samples of drugs and their metabolites in urine

Participants are requested to identify the substances in the test samples and in addition, are encouraged to report the purity or concentrations of the controlled drugs present in the test samples. The ICE programme offers:

• Online portal for submission of results
• Immediate individual evaluation (confidential) report upon submission of results
• Summary reports for each round and overall yearly reports

    For further information participation please contact the UNODC ICE team.