Special Investigation Techniques in terrorism and organized crime are a key element to allow criminal justice actors to intervene before crimes are committed. However, the misuse of such techniques can jeopardize the integrity of security operations and their compliance with the rule of law.
UNODC provides assistance to countries to improve their use of special investigation techniques when investigating complex terrorism-related offences. We train officials on conducting investigations compliant with the rule of law, in particular on open-source intelligence (OSINT). We have developed a training methodology on the use of special investigative techniques while respecting human rights standards and international law. This methodology also includesanalysis techniques tools such as IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook. We work with groups of trainers to ensure the sustainability of skills transfer and training capacity. We also assist training institutions to replicate and incorporate the training in their national training curriculum. 


Tailored training manuals on Special Investigation Techniques have been developed in Arabic or are for Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq. They are available upon the request of designated criminal justice authorities.


Our activities on special investigation techniques have been funded by Denmark.