1 Youth empowerment for impact: strengthening resilience among youth in the MENA region against crime, violence and drugs MENA (Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Palestine and Sudan)
61 Strengthening Member States' capacity to use financial investigation and financial disruption techniques to disrupt terrorist networks' activities Cross-regional
62 Disrupting charcoal and sugar smuggling routes under UNSCR 2444 North Africa, East Africa, West Asia
63 Returning Foreign Terrorist Fighter Detention Program Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan
64 Disrupting terrorist groups’ recruitment of children, and promoting the rehabilitation and reintegration of children who have been associated with these groups into society Iraq, Indonesia and Nigeria
65 Promoting the Use of Non-custodial Alternatives to Pre-trial Detention and Imprisonment in Terrorism Cases North Africa and West Asia
66 Supporting the management of violent extremist prisoners and the prevention of radicalization to violence (UNODC, UNCCT, UNCTED, EU) Kazakhstan, Tunisia, Uganda
67 Supporting the implementation of UN Security Council resolution 2396 (2017)-related investigation capacities and cooperation against transnational and cross-border terrorism North Africa, Central Asia, South Asia