A comprehensive set of training resources and tools, aimed at strengthening the capacity of Member States, has been developed by UNODC and in cooperation with other partners. They include a variety of training curricula, handbooks and tools, which provide guidance to Governments, organizations and individuals active in the field of drug dependence treatment and care.



The Treatnet Training Package is a central component to the effort by the UNODC Treatnet initiative to increase the level of knowledge and skills of professionals working in the field of substance use disorders, and a tool to assist Member States in their efforts to improve quality of drug treatment services. It was originally developed in 2008 by an international consortium of clinical experts, researchers and trainers from international Capacity Building Consortium, led by the University of California Los Angeles / Integrated Substance Abuse Program (UCLA/ISAP), and further updated and expanded by an international team of renowned professionals in 2015.

This training package covers a wide range of topics and aims to remove barriers to low-cost, effective and evidence-based drug treatment services in developing countries by helping create the human resource capacity required to provide diversified, effective and quality drug dependence treatment and rehabilitation services.

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