About Us

Through the project 'STRIVE Juvenile: Preventing and Responding to Violence against Children by Terrorist and Violent Extremist Groups' funded by the European Union, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and the partner countries, Indonesia, Iraq and Nigeria, will develop and implement comprehensive national responses to prevent and counter terrorism and violent extremism affecting children, in full respect of human rights, gender equality and international law. 

Our Approach

The three-year project will focus on assisting governmental authorities and key stakeholders in targeted, innovative and demand-driven interventions to: 1. Improve government strategies, policies and mechanisms related to child recruitment and exploitation by terrorist groups; and 2. Increase resilience of vulnerable children against terrorist groups agendas.

A European initiative


Latest News

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OUR Partners

Indonesia has experienced the grave consequences of recruitment and exploitation by terrorist groups, both domestically and abroad. Through its leadership in the 'Bali Call for Action’, the national government is reaffirming its strong commitment to the protection of children... read more


After the rise and fall of the so-called Islamic State, a large number of children remain deprived of their liberty as a result of their alleged association with terrorist groups. Providing specialized assistance to all children associated with terrorist and violent extremist groups is an urgent priority... read more


The recruitment and exploitation of children have been integral to the tactics employed by terrorist and violent extremist groups in Nigeria. National Authorities have expressed growing interest in developing a common approach and coherent strategies to better serve and protect children... read more